Aerial agriculture in Australia is strictly controlled and operates under a stringent regulatory system. State and Federal regulations control how, where and when we operate and of course who is licensed to apply chemicals. Precision Aerial pilots and support staff are well qualified and experienced.

Precision Aerial offers a wide range of aerial application services which include:

  • SprayingHerbicides / Insecticides / Pesticides / Fungicides / Liquid Fertiliser
  • SpreadingGranular Products
  • SeedingCoated or Uncoated grass seeds / seed wheat
  • FertilisingGranular fertilisers
  • Mouse BaitingGranular mouse baiting
  • Aerial SurveyGas field survey

Precision Aerial is a registered applicator of Granular Products herbicides which are registered for the control of woody weeds and invasive grasses.

Precision Aerial has teamed up with Granular Products so as to offer the highest quality granule herbicides designed for Australian conditions.

Granular Products is an Australian owned and operated family business, manufacturing their range of products in the beef capital of Australia, Rockhampton Queensland.

Granular Products has been involved in regrowth control since the early 2000s, with GP Regain 200. Further refinement of the formulation and granule architecture led to GP Regain 400. GP Regain 400 is the first and only 400 g/kg tebuthiuron registered worldwide with improved ballistics, specifically for aerial application.

  • GP Regain 400 has no withholding period; there is no requirement to remove animals from the paddock after application.
  • There is no topsoil disturbance, so no loss of grass production, which can be the difference between finishing stock or selling unfinished stock in lower rainfall years.
  • GP Regain 400 can be applied aerially anytime between March and November, with areas as large as 1,500 ha being able to be treated in one day.
  • Precision Aerial is completely self-sufficient, allowing you to concentrate on running your business while we take care of your regrowth issues.
  • Precision Aerial has also invested in the latest metering system, The Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper allows for the precise rate to be applied to the paddock the first time, every time.
  • All regrowth work carried out by Precision Aerial is backed by a guarantee of control.

Granular Products Pty Ltd

  • Our agricultural aircraft are equipped with GPS guidance and automatic flow control.
  • Our load carrying capacity ranges between 2000 – 3000 L depending upon aircraft.
  • Our aircraft have their own ground support equipment and team.